Expert Tips for avoiding kitchen renovation mistakes can be an exciting experience for you. It’s one of the elements of home improvement.

But note that it’s a large-scale project requiring you to consider aesthetics and functionality. Not to forget, it’s a huge investment decision.

Having a list of ‘haves’ for your kitchen renovation project is great. It’s equally important to know what to avoid. This eases the stress of kitchen remodeling and makes the process buttery smooth.

At AIR Kitchen & Bath Center, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of your home. 

As a reputable kitchen renovation contractor in Atlanta GA, we pride ourselves in helping people bring their dream kitchens to life.

Plan that shows how to renovate your dream kitchen

In this blog, we combine our experience to help you do away with common mistakes in kitchen renovation. Let’s get started.

1: Not Planning Kitchen Renovation Enough

We are going to walk you through common problems of not planning kitchen design. Plus, you will learn about tips to plan your kitchen layout.

Why Is It Important to Plan Your Kitchen Layout?

Correct planning is important. This helps you think clearly about what you want for your new kitchen. 

Lack of planning may lead to the following negative consequences.

  • Unforeseen Issues: Suddenly unexpected concerns may crop up, changing the scope of the project. These could include problems with the: 
    • Plumbing system
    • Electrical systems
    • Structure of the kitchen
  • Impulsive Decisions: Impulsive decisions may not align with your kitchen renovation goals.
  • Poor Design: You may end up with a design that doesn’t match your expectations aesthetically and functionally. 
  • Delay in Project Timelines: You may experience delays that could be avoided, leaving you more frustrated.
  • Overspending: This could lead to financial strain. Eventually, you may cut corners in the overall project or compromise on key aspects of your kitchen.

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel?

To properly plan a kitchen renovation, follow these guidelines.

  • Set Your Goals and Objectives: Be clear about why you want to renovate your kitchen. Is it for improving functionality, increasing storage, or updating the aesthetics? 

Being clear about your goals helps stay focused during kitchen remodeling.  

  • Research Well: To gather ideas:
    • Visit showrooms
    • Browse home design magazines
    • Search online for inspiration
  • Create a Design Plan: After you are sure of what you want, consult with a professional kitchen remodeling contractor. They can develop a design plan as per your needs.

Consider the following items in your plan.

    • Layout
    • Materials
    • Appliances
    • Cabinetry
    • Lighting
    • Storage
    • Colors
    • Flooring
  • Consider Timelines: Decide your preferable start and completion time.
  • Set a Budget: When you know how much you can spend, you prioritize your needs.
  • Plan For Unforeseen Issues: Set aside extra time and money to address any unexpected problems.
How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

2: Budgeting Kitchen Remodeling Insufficiently

Setting the budget is one of the aspects of planning a kitchen renovation. You need to be cautious about planning your expenses correctly.

Why Do People Budget Kitchen Remodel Incorrectly?

The response is straightforward: To save money. This usually happens when they set out to renovate the kitchen by themselves.

There is nothing wrong with DIY kitchen remodeling. But a professional kitchen remodeling contractor is in a better capacity to budget your kitchen correctly. 

Why Consult a Professional Contractor to Budget Kitchen Remodeling?

A professional kitchen remodeling contractor helps to:

  • Determine Your Priorities: They advise you on what aspects of your kitchen are most critical for renovation.  
  • Prioritize Your Spending: This ensures that you allocate your budget wisely.
  • Set a Budget Range: They create a realistic budget by
    • Creating a detailed project scope.
    • Properly researching the material and labor costs.
    • Factoring in unexpected expenses, for example, hidden water damage or outdated electrical wiring.
    • Considering hidden costs, such as permits, design fees, and disposal fees.
    • Opting for best-value materials to save you money in the long run.
    • Including a contingency fund of 10-20% of the total budget.
    • Recommending kitchen remodeling financing options to help cover the costs of the renovation.
Kitchen Remodeling Budget

What Is a Realistic Budget for Kitchen Remodeling in Atlanta, Georgia?

On average, the cost of a full kitchen remodeling in Atlanta ranges from $24,000 to $104,500 and up. 

This estimate is for a 120 sqft space. It includes materials, labor, overhead, and contractor margin.

Budget costs: Starting at $24,000
Mid-grade costs: Starting at $36,500
High-end costs: Starting at $74,000 

3: Skipping Professional Kitchen Renovation Services

‘Do it yourself (DIY)’ kitchen renovations are becoming more popular than ever due to TV networks and the internet. The current mindset is that with a little online research, anyone can successfully renovate a kitchen.

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen by Yourself?

You can surely do a DIY kitchen remodel if you have the time, skills, and experience. 

However, it is advisable to consult with a reputable kitchen remodeling contractor

Professional contractors are usually into 5 or more years of full-time practice. Furthermore, they have an acute understanding of the project scope, market, and trends.

What Are the Risks of Skipping Professional Services?

What Are the Risks of Skipping Professional Services - A man getting measurements to start doing kitchen remodeling
  • Safety Risks: Kitchen renovations often involve electrical and plumbing work, which can be dangerous if not done correctly. 
  • Over-Spending: This may result due to:
    • Underestimating the scope of the project and prolonging the work.
    • Failing to consider technicalities.
    • Purchasing unnecessarily expensive materials.
    • Unknowingly making kitchen remodeling mistakes.
    • Making impulsive or foolish decisions.
    • Incurring legal or financial liabilities.
  • Loss of Peace of Mind: There is a high possibility of you being:
    • Constantly hassled by everyday problems.
    • Facing unexpected concerns.
    • Researching the internet often thus delaying work.
  • Poor Quality Work: If you don’t have the expertise, experience, and efficiency, you may complete the project shoddily.
  • Devaluation of Home: A poorly executed DIY kitchen renovation can lower the whole value of the property significantly.

4: Choosing an Incompetent Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Not every professional kitchen remodeling contractor is suitable and reliable. 

How to Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

  • Look for a contractor with 
    • Experience and expertise in kitchen remodeling specifically.
    • A good reputation in the market.
    • With a decent portfolio.
  • Get recommendations from friends and family.
  • Check the contractor’s reputation by
    • Reading reviews
    • Asking for references from previous clients.
  • Verify the contractor’s credentials, such as licenses, insurance, and certifications.
  • Ask for a detailed contract that outlines the scope of work, materials, payment schedule, and timeline. 
  • Get multiple quotes and compare them carefully to ensure that you’re getting a fair price. Avoid being swayed by low bids.
  • Ensure the contractor:
    • Communicates clearly and promptly.
    • Set clear expectations.
    • Is not infamous for ghosting clients.
    • Is attentive to clients’ needs.
    • Discusses honestly and transparently.

5: Settling for Online Deals for Critical Items

Online deals are surely enticing. But it’s not a good idea to rely on online deals when purchasing critical items for kitchen remodeling. Here’s why.

  • Inaccurate Product Descriptions: This can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. Nothing is comparable to an in-person inspection of the product. 
  • Quality Concerns: Affordable prices or huge discounts don’t necessarily mean high quality. Remember that kitchen remodeling is not an everyday affair. So, it’s important to opt for best-value items from reputed and trusted vendors, which will last long.
    Trusted vendors offer high-quality products that meet industry standards. To maintain a reputation, they go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of Customer Support: A reputable physical store comes with the assurance of customer support. In comparison, online retailers may not offer the same level of support when needed.
  • Shipping and Delivery Issues: These are a looming risk with online deliveries. The products may be delayed, lost, or damaged during transit. All of this can delay the project and add to expenses.
Top 13 Expert Tips for Avoiding Kitchen Renovation Mistakes (Settling for Online Deals for Critical Items)

6: Taking Improper Measurements for Avoiding Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

You can’t ignore the importance of proper measurement for avoiding kitchen renovation mistakes. 

From the surface, it is all about measuring the walls, ceiling height, cabinets, appliances, windows, and doors. But if this isn’t done right, it can hamper the form, function, and beauty of your new kitchen.

If we were to give you an analogy, then this process is similar to planning a trip. Any lapses here could turn your dream trip into a debacle. 

Let’s get into the advantages of the importance of proper measurements

  • Proper measurement helps you to accurately plan the layout of your new kitchen. 
  • It ensures that all appliances and fixtures fit properly
  • It allows enough space for movement and storage.
  • It helps to prevent mistakes during installation, which can be costly to correct. 
  • Overall, proper measurement makes the functional, safe, efficient, and aesthetic.

7: Overlooking Kitchen Workflow During Kitchen Remodeling

The workflow in a kitchen focuses on:

  • Storage
  • Movement, and 
  • Cooking.

A well-planned kitchen workflow means these 3 areas are considered logically such that your food preparation is smooth. In other words, it means that your kitchen is efficient. 

A good kitchen workflow adds value to your home. It makes your home more appealing to potential buyers.

What Are the Indications of a Good Kitchen Workflow for Avoiding Kitchen Renovation Mistakes?

  • More than 1 person can work in the kitchen at the same time.
  • The kitchen is organized and decluttered.
    • Appliances are placed correctly. 
    • Storage areas are located correctly. 
    • Countertops and workspaces are laid out correctly.
  • Meal preparation happens without any confusion and stress.

How to Ensure Your Kitchen Has Adequate Workflow?

  • Consider the space’s layout and design. This includes the:
      • Placement of appliances
      • Location of storage spaces, and 
      • Arrangement of workspaces
  • Consider your working needs and that of your chef or maid who works with you in the kitchen.
A Visual Presentation Showing Good Kitchen Workflow

8: Missing Out on Storage Options

Not considering adequate storage in the kitchen during kitchen remodeling can lead you to discomforting situations in the kitchen. 
Your kitchen becomes crowded and disorganized to store kitchen essentials.

It becomes difficult to cook meals and clean up.

A kitchen that lacks adequate storage space can be a major turnoff for potential buyers. It can lower the overall value of your house.
This is why you must consider your storage needs when renovating your dream kitchen remodel

Here are some tips:

  • Maximize Your Cabinet Space: 
    • Install cabinets that extend to the ceiling. 
    • Use pull-out shelves and racks to increase the storage capacity of your cabinets.
  • Add a Kitchen Island: Use the kitchen island to house cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Installing a built-in trash can is a smart idea.
  • Use Wall Space: Install shelves, racks, and hooks on your walls to store pots and pans.
  • Consider Open Shelving: You can use it to display your favorite dishes and cookbooks. This frees up cabinet space.
  • Optimize the Corner Space: Consider installing lazy susans, pull-out drawers, and swing-out shelves.

9: Not Updating Electrical and Plumbing Systems

A homeowner, let’s call her Sarah, decided to renovate her outdated kitchen. She hired a contractor and began the process. 

However, Sarah assumed that her electrical and plumbing systems were in good enough shape to last a few more years. So, she didn’t update them.

One day, suddenly, the kitchen lights went out. Sarah heard a loud popping noise. The circuit breaker had tripped. When she tried to reset it, sparks flew out of the electrical panel.

She called an electrician to inspect her electrical system. The electrician remarked that the outdated wiring in her kitchen couldn’t handle the electrical load of her new appliances. 

He added that outdated electrical systems can pose a significant safety hazard. His opinion was that updating the electrical systems can increase the kitchen’s energy efficiency. This means lower energy bills.

Left with no other option, Sarah had to replace all the wiring in her kitchen. This cost her a bomb. 

Sarah could have avoided danger and the extra costs by updating her electrical and plumbing systems during the kitchen renovation itself. 

The bottom line of the story is that avoid entering into long-term losses for short-term gains.

10: Choosing the Wrong Materials for Kitchen Renovation

Of course, you are aware that the wrong materials can kill the function and beauty of your kitchen. The question is are you aware of which material could be wrong for the kitchen?

Let’s consider 2 scenarios.

Using Low-Quality Countertops

Let’s say you decide to go for laminate instead of granite as your countertop material for your kitchen renovation. 

Wondering what’s wrong with it? Well, laminate is not heat resistant. 

This means every time you place hot pots and pans on it, the laminate peels and cracks. Over time, the countertop looks unsightly. Eventually, you are going to repair or replace it.

So, choosing the wrong material can lead to an unsatisfactory outcome and added expenses.

Installing Inappropriate Flooring

Will you ever consider installing carpet in the kitchen? Perhaps your answer is no, as you’ve never seen a carpet in a kitchen before. 

Let’s try to persuade you by saying that it is a good idea for comfort. Will you still opt for it?

You must not. That’s because a carpet is not suitable for the kitchen environment. It can trap moisture and become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

This means you need flooring that is moisture-resistant for your kitchen.

Installing Inappropriate Flooring

Why Do You Need to Be Cautious About Choosing Materials When It Is The Contractor’s Job?

Yes, you are right! The contractor’s scope of work outlines the materials to be used during the kitchen remodeling project. 

However, you must work closely with the contractor to select the right materials for the project. He can choose materials provided you inform him of your:

  • Requirements
  • Preferences
  • Budget

Your involvement and knowledge are key. Only then the contractor can offer you valuable insights into the materials’ utility, durability, and maintenance requirements.

11: Missing Out on Natural Light

Natural light is like the seasoning of a dish. Just as the right seasoning elevates the dish, natural light in a kitchen enhances the space.

Why Is Natural Light Important for the Kitchen?

  • Natural light allows you to see clearly while cooking, cutting, and cleaning. 
  • It reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. This can lower your energy bill.
  • It brightens up the space.
  • It highlights the colors of the walls, cabinets, and countertops.
  • Natural light makes the kitchen feel inviting.
  • It makes the kitchen seem more spacious. 
  • It boosts your mood while working in the kitchen. 

While planning your kitchen layout, ensure your kitchen has ample windows to let natural light into the space.

12: Not Planning for Future Usage

Let’s say currently you have a small family. So, you don’t see the need to plan your kitchen layout for your future needs.

Fast forward a few years. Your family is bigger. Or your aged parents may move in. 

It is a good idea to anticipate this change during your current kitchen remodel. You can be prepared to attend to your growing family’s needs.

By planning for these possibilities now, you can avoid having to remodel again in just a few years. You save money and time in the long run.

Additionally, if you plan to sell your home in the future, this approach may increase your house’s  resale value.

13: Not Considering Accessibility

Accessibility is important for kitchen remodeling. It ensures that everyone in your family can use the space safely and comfortably. 

This includes ensuring that:

  • Appliances, cabinets, and countertops are at an appropriate height.
  • There is adequate lighting and storage.
  • A short person can access the kitchen cabinets easily as a person of average height. 
  • Your kitchen is nearly accident-proof and easy to use.
Men who are doing kitchen remodeling service

How to Make Your Kitchen Accessible During Kitchen Remodeling?

Follow these steps:

  • Install countertops at varying heights to accommodate people of different heights and abilities. 
  • Ensure there is enough space between countertops, cabinets, and appliances.
  • Choose slip-resistant floorings.
  • Use bright, even lighting throughout the kitchen.
  • Use pull-out drawers and shelves that make it easier to reach items at the back of the cabinet. 
  • Install the hardware that is easy to grip and open.
  • Install appliances that are easy to reach, operate, and maintain. 

Kitchen Remodeling FAQs:


Avoiding these 13 kitchen renovation mistakes can make a significant difference when you plan  your dream kitchen. 

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