If you have ever set up a house, you will acknowledge how critical cabinetry is to the kitchen. It is an expensive investment that better last its intended lifetime. When taking care of kitchen cabinets, are you mindful of only the external cleaning and polishing? Not taking care of the kitchen cabinet shelves (including the kitchen sink) is best described as half cleaning! Merely cleaning the shelves is not enough; you need to make sure that their surface stays unspoilt from moisture damage, stains, and scratches and that the cleaning of spills and messes is easy. Hence, the need of using kitchen cabinets shelf liners.

This conversation doesn’t end here. Many homemakers/homeowners are not in favor of using shelf liners, citing that they make the furniture tacky (Really?). In a way, this topic is quite relevant for anyone who cares to keep their kitchen prim and prom. But we are here to understand how kitchen cabinets shelf liners make a whole lot of difference to your cabinetry. So, let’s begin then!

What Should I Line Kitchen Cabinets With?

You could choose from a range of materials for lining the shelves of kitchen cabinets—Foam, vinyl, fabric and plastic. However, it is best to gain some idea of each of these types. For instance, vinyl shelf liners are pretty common but they may not be optimum for wire shelves, as they fail to provide sturdy support. It makes sense to select the correct material, keeping in mind your furniture and the items that you will put in it.

Shelf Liners

Are Cabinet Liners Suitable For All Kitchens?

Kitchen Cabinets Shelf Liners

The answer to this question is a big, resounding YES! Even if the question in your head is—Do I need to line my new kitchen cabinets? There are nearly 9 applications of cabinet liners. Don’t believe us? We’ll tell you. You can use liners:

  • For cabinet and pantry shelves
  • For fridge and freezer shelves
  • For shoe shelves
  • For cover wire shelves
  • coffee/tea table tray
  • Under the sink
  • Under garbage cans
  • Beneath drawer dividers
  • As plate dividers for expensive plates and pans

Doesn’t this list make it absolutely clear that if you have a kitchen then you must have cabinet liners too? Now, let’s go on to understand the benefits of using kitchen cabinet cleaners.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Good Kitchen Cabinets Shelf Liners

Consider investing in a good kitchen cabinets shelf liner. It’s worth it. But just in case you are one of those who believes in concrete & worthwhile reasons, we have something for you. Read on!

kitchen cabinets Shelf liners

Protects From Moisture

How many times have you stacked not-yet-dry items in your cabinet shelves? Blame it on lack of time or your impatience, the truth is that almost all of us are guilty of this. Not to forget, the bottoms of sauce bottles and other jars. The ring of oil or stain they leave behind, at times, makes shelf cleaning super difficult. In such scenarios, a shelf liner helps, as it creates a barrier between the water or oil and helps keep the surfaces stain-free.

Covers Up Possible Ick

Ever encountered a stain that chooses to remain faithful to you? Just wouldn’t budge from the shelf no matter what cleaner you use to wipe clean the shelf. We can imagine the sight of an ugly shelf or drawer even if it stays hidden from guests. But how do you feel when your entire cabinetry is spick and span. Everything except that drawer! It’s for moments like these that a shelf cleaner seems purposeful.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Having mentioned the above pointer, it is evident that lined cabinets are easier to wipe and perhaps don’t require a tough cleaner (except if the stain is old because you felt too lazy to clean it at the right time). Even if the stain is difficult to be cleaned, all you need to do is replace the liner. Trust us, it’s better than wiping the stain off the wood.

Adds A Bit Of Color And Style

For those who think shelf liners make their shelf look tacky, we say it’s the opposite. In fact, they add that extra jazz. Adding colorful liners is sweet way to introduce some character to your kitchen. It’s easy. It’s effortless. It’s fun. Moreover, the fact that shelf liners are available in several colors and styles and they suit every taste, simply tilts the decision in their favor. Still contemplating?

Keeps Small Items From Disappearing

Many times, you may be looking for some tiny-winy thing, remembering you kept it in the drawer the previous night, but now it’s not to be found. Shit happens! Just as a liner acts as a barrier between water and your item (we mentioned above; scroll up if you’ve forgotten), so does it prevent things from falling into another drawer (never to be found again!).

What To Consider When Buying Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Liners?

Rushing to buy kitchen cabinets shelf liners already? Wait, complete this article. Coz if you don’t then you are missing out on some key info. When buying liners, look out for these parameters

What’s The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets Per Linear Foot?

When calculating the cost of kitchen cabinets, it is important to figure out the type of cabinet construction, first, i.e. whether you want stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets or custom cabinets.

How To Calculate Linear Feet For Kitchen Cabinets?

Having convered the above description, this question is bound to be your next one. We’ll help you with this one.

  • Measure the walls where the cabinets will be located.
  • Make a rough sketch of your proposed cabinets from top-level
  • Take linear measurements along the wall. Write them down in inches.
  • Measure cabinets along other walls that meet at an angle.
  • Subtract the allowance where two cabinets overlap each other.
    Subtract the width of freestanding appliances.
  • Add the measurements. Divide by 12.